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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Owner Financing?

Owner financing is on the rise with more sellers agreeing to accept payments from buyers. There are many reasons people agree to take back a note, deed of trust, mortgage or contract including:

  • Quick sale of the property
  • Monthly income from the note
  • No hassles of bank financing      (fees, delays, and strict underwriting)
  • More qualified buyers
  • Property is hard to finance

Why Would I Sell My Payments?

Circumstances change and many sellers would prefer cash today rather than small payments that trickle in each month. Here are just a few reasons people have sold their note payments for cash:

  • Retirement
  • Taxes
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Expensive Medical Care
  • Vacation
  • College Tuition
  • Unexpected Financial Changes
  • Peace of Mind – no more worrying if the buyer is going to make late payments or having to foreclose
  • Accounting headaches, IRS regulations, paperwork hassles, and the list goes on…

What is a note appraisal?

A note appraisal reflects the current market value of your payments similar to what a real estate appraisal provides for real property. Frequently referred to as a “quote” it shows what your future payments are worth in cash dollars today. We recommend you have your note evaluated once a year as pricing may change based on market conditions.

How do I maintain the value of my note? 

Many of the items that affect the value of your note were determined at the time the property was sold. However, keeping good records of the payments received and requiring the buyer to provide annual proof of current taxes and property insurance will help maintain the value of your important asset and sell mortgage note when the time comes.

Can I sell all or part of my note? 

Selling mortgage note get the facts first; we can purchase all or part of your remaining payments. Selling part of the payments allows you to receive a lump sum of cash up front, then payments when the note reverts back to you. We can even pay cash for a portion of each monthly payment. 

Many people elect to sell just enough payments to meet their cash needs today and keep some of the future payments as an investment or nest egg. Always ask for an option that meets your needs. 

How is the value of a note determined?

The value of a note is affected by the down payment, interest rate, payment amount, and term as well as the buyer’s credit rating and payment history. The type, condition, and value of the property also impact the value of your note.

The time value of money, which makes payments due now more valuable than payments due in 20 to 30 years, also plays a role in the evaluation process. Generally, due to inflation, money in your pocket today is worth more now than later. All of these elements will be taken into consideration in determining the current value of your note. 

How will selling my note affect the payer? 

The payer experiences no change in the way the payments are structured. The only change will be the address where the payments are mailed. 

How do I get started? 

"Sell my mortgage note fast." The first step is to obtain a quote using our online form or by calling us at 786-802-0020. We also request copies of the documents relating to your transaction: 

· Note and Mortgage (Deed of Trust or Contract) 

· Closing statement

· Buyer information

· Pay history and current balance 

· Previous title insurance policy 

· Current hazard insurance policy 

We will then provide you an offer subject to the standard title, appraisal, and buyer’s credit review. Once under contract, you will receive your cash as soon as all of the documentation can be obtained. This typically takes as little as 10-15 working days. 

How will I be paid if I decide to sell my note?

The purchase price is paid in guaranteed funds (cashier’s check or wire transfer) upon receipt of the final transfer package and original documents. We are happy to wire funds to the title company so you may exchange your original documents for the proceeds, assuring the safe and secure transfer of your valuable asset.

Why should I consider using your company? 

We pride ourselves on: 

· Quick closings 

· Excellent customer service 

· Competitive quotes 

· Providing customized options 

· Strong financial backing 

· Lots of experience 

· Flexibility on all note purchases 

· Confidentiality with all transactions 

· Credibility in the industry 

At Groequity we provide top rate service combined with the best prices available. 

Contact us if we can assist you!

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